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Who We Are

Our Passion

At Southeastern Pressure Washing, Inc. we have a passion to serve our community with quality as we pursue excellence in our workmanship.  We not only focus on a thoroughly exceptional job, but we built relationships that last.  We see your home, your business, your property the same as we see ours. Therefore, we treat your property with the same kind of respect and honor that we would our own.  This is what our trustworthy and dependable reputation is built upon.  


Training and Equipment


We have high quality trained and skilled team members. We base the training for our Southeastern Pressure Washing team members upon the latest UpToDate technology and skills from within the Pressure Washing community and manufactures.  We gain from our own experience and that of the experts that have gone before us.

We also use industrial professional grade equipment and industry leading techniques to ensure your satisfaction.  We do pressure washing, soft washing, deck staining, painting, and remodeling.


Our Community


Southeastern Pressure Washing is family owned and operated in North Georgia.  We are located in Canton, Georgia within Cherokee County and service all surrounding communities throughout north Georgia. 


Our Family


My wife and I met in high school.  Since then we have been blessed with a large family that now includes married children and grandchildren.  Over the years we have built some great family businesses.  It is important that we thank our children who have given up so much.  They have sacrificed time and things, to help make all this a reality.    

Growing these businesses have also been fun and exciting with some struggles along the way to keep us humble.  That is where faith, perseverance, and hope come in.  This is where our friends and our supporters came in and encouraged us.  There have been tons of prayers prayed and many scriptures shared.  We would not be where we are today without the blessing of the Lord, our loyal customers, our friends, and our family. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to meeting you and serving you.  

Romans 10:8-13 

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