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About Us

From our family to you

At Southeastern Pressure Washing,Inc. we have a passion to serve our community with quality as we pursue excellence in our workmanship.  We see your home, your business, your property the same we see ours, and we treat your property with the same kind of respect and honor that we would our own.  This is what our trustworthy and dependable reputation is built upon.  

Southeastern Pressure Washing is family owned and operated in North Georgia.  We are located in Canton, Georgia within Cherokee County and service all surrounding communities throughout north Georgia. 

How we can serve you...

Residential, Realtors, HOA's, New Construction...

We can revitalize the look of your home or new home with our special soft wash technique and trained professionals so it looks stunning.  We can get your home ready to sell or paint as well. We can design a program for HOA’s as well.

Decks, Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, HOA's...

Let us help make your concrete or stone surfaces look like new as we remove years of dirt, mold, mildew, and other stains.  We also work with HOA’s to keep their pools, sidewalks,  and playground areas clean and safe.

Commercial and Office Buildings, Gas Stations, and Convenience Stores

First impressions are key to any business.  Permit us to keep your buildings, entryways, sideways, and parking lots look fabulous.  We even clean loading docks and truck pads. 

Restaurants, Drive-Thru Windows....

Allow us to keep your restaurant clean, sanitized, and looking great with our monthly and quarterly cleaning schedules so your customers can feel safe and good while enjoying a meal at your establishment.  

Churches, Special Event & Retreat Centers...

We can keep your churches, special event centers, wedding events, retreat centers and camp areas looking their best and help your surfaces last longer.  We can remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and more from your buildings, walkways, patios, and event areas giving them a fresh exquisite look.

Playgrounds, Parks, Picnic Areas, Walkways, Sports complexes...

We work with local communities, HOA’s, counties, states, and organizations to help keep their playgrounds, picnic areas, pools, shelters, cabins, sidewalks, walkways, Spectator Stands, Concession Stands, and parking areas clean, sanitize, and safe.  We can even design monthly, quarterly or annually scheduled cleaning programs to meet your needs.

Sidewalks, Walkways, Parking Area, Stone Work, Retaining Walls...

Different surfaces require different techniques and/or equipment to clean them properly without damaging them.  Allow our team of trained professionals restore your surfaces.  We will remove the dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and in most cases even stubborn stains.

Town Homes, Condos, Apartments...

Town homes, Condos and Apartments require special treatment and skill to clean them and help keep them looking magnificent due to their size and scope.  We can design an annual program tailored to specifically meet your needs. 

We also do deck staining, remodeling, and painting.

Happy Customers

The number one comment we hear is that we take care of people’s property just like it was our own.  The reason we hear this, is because we do treat your property like it was our own…“treat others as you would have them treat you”…it is that simple.

"Wow, that is impressive. I have not seen my home look this good in years. My driveway and patio look like new. We were so impressed with the detail and how you treated our home like it was your own"
Milton GA.
"I cant believe this is my home. I have had others in the past pressure wash my house, but no one has ever taken the time and effort to be so thorough before. You guys are impressive".
Marietta GA
"You guys went above and beyond my expectations compared others I have worked with in the past. I was told my brick stairs could not be cleaned, but you got them clean. The house, driveway, and even the mail box look like new. Thank you."
Woodstock GA

Let us help you make your home or business look spectacular once again